Cucumber Raita

The term "Raita" comes from the Indian Hindi language around the 19th century.

Cucumber Raita is a variety of raita that can be utilized as a plunge or a serving of mixed greens.

It is particularly mainstream in the mid-year months as it assists with beating the warmth.

It is regularly filled in as a side backup with the fundamental course in Indian food.

Cucumber Raita helps to prevent constipation due to water & dietary fiber.

Since cucumber is a natural wellspring of magnesium, fiber, potassium it also helps to keep blood pressure in check.

This 'cooling veggie' has a detoxifying and purifying impact on general wellbeing. Its hydrating properties can give many medical advantages, including weight reduction. It has zero fat and low calories.

Cucumbers are low-calorie vegetables, and Curd is rich in protein, nutrients, calcium so overwhelmed by curd the two of them together make a decent low carb combo and awesome at mealtime to eliminate carb admissions.

Cucumbers are a decent wellspring of nutrient C which helps to prevent water retention in the body and reduce swelling.

Constituents :

  • Cucumber : Cucumbers are wealthy in electrolytes. Cucumbers contain dietary fiber and a decent measure of water which helps help in processing.

Cucumbers are high in valuable supplements, just as certain plant mixes and cell reinforcements that may help treat and even save a few conditions.

  • Curd : vegan curds are prepared by using any coconut milk, cashew milk, sesame milk, rice milk, any other vegan milk. Yogurt or curd is an incredible probiotic.

Curd works incredible for your skin and hair because of the presence of significant minerals like nutrient C, zinc, calcium.

Utilization of curd consistently will helps to nourish immune system.

Normal utilization of curds likewise brings down cholesterol levels and lessens hypertension.

  • Red Chili Powder

  • Roasted Cumin [Jeera] Powder

  • Chat Masala Powder

  • Salt : Rock Salt / Black Salt

  • Coriander leaves / Mint leaves

Ingredients :

  • 1 medium sized finely chopped cucumber

  • 1 cup fresh curd / yogurt

  • 1/2 teaspoon red chili powder

  • 1 teaspoon roasted cumin (jeera) powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon chat masala powder

  • salt as required

  • 1 tablespoon coriander leaves finely chopped or 1/2 tablespoon mint leaves finely chopped

Instructions :

  • Wash out the cucumber. Then peel the cucumber and finely chop it. You can also grate the cucumber.

  • In a bowl, beat the curd till smooth.

  • Add the ground cucumber to the curd.

  • Include all the dry spice powders, rock salt or black salt

  • Blend well and serve cucumber raita.

  • You could even garnish the cucumber raita with some coriander leaves or mint leaves.

Prep. Time : 15 min.

Duration : 15 min.

Servings : As per your choice

Category : Side Dish

Raita is prepared utilizing curd, which is high in protein and low in undesirable fats. It makes for an ideal guide for processing and weight reduction.

Avoid eating Raita at dinner because it contains Curd which is harmful at night.

You can eat Raita during fast.

So, enjoy Cucumber Raita which is beneficial for your immune system & healthy life

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